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Fire Maintenance Services use Sandvik Foam Fire Suppression Systems


General Description

The Sandvik “LOSS OF PRESSURE” Pre Engineered Foam Fire Suppression System is designed and manufactured in Australia. The FS1000 Fire Suppression System is easily installed on almost any type of diesel powered mobile or stationary equipment and vehicles. Our customers include mining, construction, forestry, exploration, agriculture, marine and transportation.

The system uses a unique patented unstressed diaphragm head assembly, mounted on a pressurised stainless steel tank (1200 kPa). All lines in the activation circuit of the system are pressurised.


It can be activated manually by operating the large yellow valve handle on one of the manual activation modules (in cabin or externally).

It can be activated automatically by the fire detection and system activation tubing. This auto-detect and activation tube is made from a synthetic material designed to melt in the heat of a fire at approximately 150 degrees Celsius, with the resulting pressure drop in the activation circuit initiating the system discharge.

It can be activated electrically by operating a solenoid valve to release the pressure from the activation lines. This is an optional accessory and not fitted to all systems. It is mainly used on remote controlled equipment to activate the system from a switch on the remote control transmitter

FS1000 Heavy vehicle equipment

The FS1000 system is a stand alone, self-contained loss of pressure type system that does not require any electrical, pneumatic or mechanical activation devices. The system operates on the pressure differential and incorporates a simple diaphragm valve in a patented head assembly.

The simplicity of the system makes the FS1000 one of the most reliable, easily serviced and cost effective fire suppression systems available.


U/G MINING Loaders, trucks, drills
SURFACE MINING Shovels, trucks, dozers
FORESTRY Harvesters, forwarders, skidders
CONSTRUCTION Loaders, excavators, cranes
TRANSPORT Trucks, forklifts
AGRICULTURE Headers, tractors
INDUSTRIAL Generator sets, pumps
EXPLORATION Drill rigs, compressors

Climate conditions

Suitable for all climate conditions with exception Sub-Zero temperatures


  • Auto fire detection and activation
  • Corrosion resistant brass fittings
  • Patented brass head assembly
  • Stainless steel cylinder
  • High temperature resistant hosing
  • Available in cylinder sizes: 20, 25, 45, 65 & 110 litre
  • Options – flushing kit, engine shutdown, audio visual alarm, portable extinguishers.


Maintenance should be conducted on a regular basis to provide maximum assurance that the system will operate effectively and safely. The routine servicing, refilling/recharging, can be arranged with a branch or dealer near you.

System Description

  • Stand alone and self-contained system.
  • Modular design allows custom fitting to any equipment.
  • Stainless Steel storage vessel.
  • Heavy duty mounting bracket.
  • Durable powder coat finish.
  • Manual system activation with pressure indicator for instant system status check.
  • Two manual activation modules included in standard system kit.
  • Automatic fire detection and system activation
  • When the temperature at the detection tube exceeds 150° Celsius, the tube melts and automatically initiates the system foam discharge.
  • 5 metres of detection tube is included in each standard installation kit.
  • All nozzles, valves and fittings are made from Brass and therefore free from corrosion problems.

System Size Selection Guide

Engine(s) rating in kW
20L cylinder Qty (litres)
25L cylinder Qty (litres)
45L cylinder Qty (litres)
65L cylinder Qty (litres)
110L cylinder Qty (litres)
2200 to 3200 Six (492)
1400 to 2300 Six (324) or r Four (328)
1100 to 1500 Three (246)
800 to 1200 Four (216)
600 to 900 Three (162) or Two (164)
500 to 700 Two (108)
400 to 600 One (82)
350 to 550 Two (76)
220 to 400 One (54)
120 to 240 Two (43)
100 to 220 One (38)
60 to 100 One (21.5)
Up to 60 One (17.5)